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Bathroom and sauna doors

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

Doors for humid rooms

The Skaala doors for humid rooms have been especially designed for spaces where you do not have to mind the splashes. Even in a well ventilated bathroom the moisture is concentrated on the surface of the door and if the door is not moisture-resistant it can be ruined before its time.

A moisture-resistant door is a sensible choice for bathrooms and lavatories. The surface of the door panel has a vague wood vein pattern. There are two different door models: plain and threepanel doors. We do not recommend that you use other types of doors in humid rooms than those especially designed for this purpose.



Moulded door
for humid rooms


Glass door
for humid rooms

Plain door
for humid rooms



Bright and spacious saunas

The Skaala glass doors create more space in the sauna. All sauna doors have tight seals, which prevent the heat from escaping and ensure that the door closes softly. The glass doors that are installed in other rooms than the sauna have lever handles and interior door fittings.




Bronze glass
with vertical door handle

Satin glass
with knob door handle

Striped satin glass
with knob door handle



Smoked glass
with horizontal door handle