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Best return on your investment

Your choice counts

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The window matters

With an old window, you waste heating energy, and your money drafts outside. An old and drafting window radiates coldness during the winter and even affects your comfort of living. It is also important to consider what kind of window to choose for a new building, as the differences between the different manufacturers and products are significant. Settling for the minimum requirements of the building regulations is probably not the wisest option. Skaala’s windows attain the lowest energy consumption on the market, and that is a tested fact.

The figures tell their story

The U-value is the thermal permeability factor that indicates the thermal insulation capacity of a product. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation capacity.

The E-value indicates the amount of energy consumed by the window. The lower the E-value, the lower the annual energy consumption of the windows.

The Skaala Alfa window consumes up to three times less energy than a new window that meets the current construction requirements. The difference can be up to ten times if you replace old windows with new Skaala windows.

Skaala Alfa – the window of a new home

According to current regulations, the windows installed in new constructions must have a U-value of 1.0 or less. The windows of most manufacturers meet this requirement. Skaala’s windows go well below the figure, which means lower energy consumption. Lower energy consumption, in turn, means a lower cost of heating. With the increasingly frequent rises in energy prices and taxes, you will benefit even more in the future by choosing better products today.

Skaala Alfa – replacing old windows

Replace your old windows with new Skaala windows, and watch as the energy consumption of your windows is reduced by tenfold. The new Skaala windows pay for themselves every day.

Skaala Alfa is an investment

You can save up to 10,000 euros in 12 years.
The U-value of 0.58 equals the E-value of 30. The E-value specifies the annual consumption of the window as kilowatt-hours per square metre. As the primary task of the windows is to save residents money, Skaala’s award-winning and advanced product development has focused on designing windows with maximum energy efficiency and a competitive price.

When investing in energy-saving windows, also bear in mind the rises in energy prices in the coming years. The more economic windows you choose now, the more real money you will save in the future. The Skaala Alfa FrostFree window is the best solution for saving energy.
In addition to the lower heating energy consumption, you gain other benefits:

  • no draft, no cold leak: even temperatures
  • increased comfort
  • excellent soundproofing
  • easy-to-use Skaala products
  • no worry: minimal need for maintenance
  • no worry: an investment for decades
  • the value of the old building increases
  • possibility for tax credit for household when old windows are replaced

Pay-back time

The pay-back time of new Skaala primarily depends the type of the old window to be replaced and by the cost of energy. Roughly, it can be said that the pay-back time of a Skaala Alfa window compared to an old MS-type window is approximately 10 years. Compared to MSK or MSE windows, the pay-back time is approximately 13–20 years, depending mainly on the evolution of energy prices. More detailed information on energy saving and pay-back times is available from the nearest Skaala product supplier.