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Energy solutions

The high-tech behind every energy efficient window and door

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Skaala is a renowned pioneer regarding energy efficient door and window solutions. We have brought the market most energy efficient door and window collections, which make it possible to achieve significant savings in the energy consumption in the home. The Alfa window in Skaala’s Nordic collection is the most energy efficient window on the market and takes energy savings to an entirely new level. The energy consumption of the Alfa window is less than half of the consumption of windows representing the current standard. In objects of renovation the difference in energy consumption is even greater, when the old windows are replaced by new Alfa windows.

Skaala’s door collection is also most energy efficient. Although there is yet no classification system for the energy efficiency of doors corresponding to that of windows, the energy aspect has been one of the areas in focus in our design. Indeed the Skaala exterior and balcony doors have excellent U-values according to their different classes. The Skaala door and window collections guarantee that builders and redecorators now for the very first time are entitled to a complete, energy efficient solution. The Skaala products reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and ventilation and lift the comfort in the home to a new level.

In addition to being energy efficient, the extensive Skaala collection implies that builders and redecorators now also for the first time are able to choose a complete solution consisting of both doors and windows which matches the architectural style and interior decoration of their home. It could not possibly become any easier to select a complete, energy efficient solution.



Outstanding energy efficiency

By comparing the energy consumption of the Skaala Alfa window with older window constructions, or even with the models currently used in construction, you will see that Skaala Alfa is outstanding regarding energy efficiency. Apart from the U-value a new indicator, the E-value, has been adopted. The E-value tells you, directly and without embroidering, how much energy the window consumes. The E-value makes it possible to compare the window models of different manufacturers, making it easy to choose as the cost for the amount of energy the window consumes can be calculated.

Skaala SuperSpacer_Insulation glass unit
Skaala SuperSpacer_Insulation glass unit_2


Energy and environment

As a result of many yearsʼ research and development, Skaala has opened Finlandʼs first special production line for low energy windows in the beginning of 2008. The development work and low energy solutions were also rewarded by the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers (RIL) in 2007, since Skaala developed low energy windows and doors for the low energy apartment house project (MERA), which started in 2003. The reward was awarded by the President of Finland.
In 2008 Skaala supplied (Alfa) windows for the first low energy apartment house building in Scandinavia. Finland is a renowned European leader in ecological sustainability.