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Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

Early years

Skaala was founded in 1956 by Mr. Otto Hautanen as a local carpentry manufacturer that produced a variety of carpentry products. Over the early years, Skaala produced items such as ironing boards and garden furniture.

During the 1960s, windows and doors were added to the production. At this stage, the garden furniture and ironing boards were sold nationwide. Windows and doors were delivered to local customers.

In the 1970s, the sale of windows and doors in Skaala’s production grew stronger while other carpentry products were gradually abandoned. Otto’s two oldest sons, Hannu and Jarmo, joined the business in 1977.



Great leaps were taken in the 1980s, for example in production automation, sales and product ranges:

  • Company moves to the Ylihärmä industrial area in 1980. In addition, four expansions (1983, 1984, 1986 and 1989)
  • Focus on window production
  • Production control information system
  • Finland’s first integrated tailor-made window production line is introduced in 1985, another in 1989
  • New window assortment is introduced with smaller woodwork factories
  • Glass treatment and the manufacture of insulation glass is introduced in 1989

In the 1980s, the operations grew nationwide and the company joined the ranks of medium-large window manufacturers.


The economic depression at the beginning of the decade shook the industry. After these challenging times, production began to grow once again and the company consolidated its position during the 1990s as one of the largest medium-sized manufacturers in the field.

The production and production control went through a number of changes and modernisations:

  • Factory is expanded and new, machine-vision controlled surface treatment line is introduced in 1994
  • Industrial custom-made concept for windows, second generation 1994–1999
  • Streamlined manufacturing
  • Investments in surface treatment
  • A new-generation operations control
  • New working line 1999
  • Exterior and terrace door manufacturing is introduced in Kurikka in 1999
  • First stage of the second-generation insulation glass factory is launched in 1999
  • New material concept, the so-called “quality wood in use,” the first in Finland

In 1994, Markku Hautanen joined the company as its managing director.

The sales systems were computerised in 1995. Personnel were trained continuously and more employees were recruited for various tasks. Exports began in the 1990s to Finnish log house factories.

The Skaala brand had been rolled out.


In the new millennium, Skaala’s growth continued, making the company one of the largest manufacturers in the Nordic countries.

  • Skaala is selected Woodworking Company of the Year in 2000
  • Factory in Ylihärmä is expanded in 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2006
  • Skaala is selected the Best Employer of the Year in 2001
  • Second stage of the insulation glass factory expansion begins in 2001
  • Certified quality management in all functions starting in 2001
  • The frame factory in Veteli opens in 2003
  • An export office opens in the UK in 2003 and becomes a subsidiary in 2005
  • The insulation glass factory expands, with a second line in 2004
  • Skaala is chosen as the most rapidly growing company in Southern Ostrobothnia in 2004
  • Installation subsidiary is added in 2005
  • Interior doors included in the assortment in 2005
  • A sales office is started in Sweden in 2005
  • A comprehensive enterprise resource management system is implemented in 2005–2006
  • A special interior door factory is purchased in Kuortane in 2006
  • A new exterior door factory and logistics centre starts in Ylihärmä in 2006
  • Skaala celebrates its 50 year anniversary (1956–2006), Sauli Niinistö is the guest of honour
  • The representative network is expanded in 2006–2009
  • New product ranges are launched, Skandia, Tradia and Familia, and the product feature levels Alfa, Beeta and Gamma are added in 2007.
  • Skaala receives the national RIL award for developing low-energy windows in 2007
  • Skaala rises to among the three largest manufacturers in Finland
  • Comprehensive construction woodworking product and service entity
  • The manufacture of export windows is centralised in a factory in Alahärmä in 2008
  • The energy window line opens in the Finnish window factory in 2008 and launches a full range of energy windows on the market
  • Karvia Ikkunat Oy is acquired by Skaala in 2008
  • A new thermal edge-insulated glass element begins to be manufactured in Ylihärmä in 2009
  • Red Cross Finland awards Skaala the Affirmative Action for Ethnic Equality award in 2009
  • Exterior and aluminium-surface terrace doors begin to be manufactured with low energy structure in 2009
  • Alfa and Beeta window and door product lines are introduced in 2009
  • Sweden moves to country office organisation: Olav Granström becomes Skaala Fönster och Dörrar AB’s managing director
  • Skaala Alfa is a TM Rakennusmaailma test winner, the only window that got the full five stars


  • The Skaala FrostFree energy window is launched at Finnbuild in 2010
  • The aluminium component factory is opened in Ylihärmä in 2010
  • Skaala’s Green Field & Factory system is fully rolled out, recycling all renovated windows in 2010
  • Skaala FrostFree is awarded the Innosuomi award in 2011
  • Skaala moves to country organisations for the sales and service companies in 2011. For example, in Finland, all sales and service functions are centralised in Skaala Windows and Doors Ltd, while Skaala Oy mostly handles the production and support functions. Jari Punkari starts as the managing director of Skaala Windows and Doors Ltd.
  • Mechanisation investments in the Ylihärmä and Alahärmä window factories in 2010–2011
  •  Migration to the Superspacer technology in insulation glass manufacturing, and commissioning it in all Alfa and Beeta class products in 2012
  • The Finnish field company moves to regional organisation in 2012
  • Investments are made in the main paint shop at the Ylihärmä window factory in 2012
  • The Skaala Akatemia education system starts its collaboration with the University of Vaasa in 2012
  • Skaala launches the new E30 and E40 energy-efficient windows at Finnbuild in 2012
  • The Russian subsidiary, OOO Skaala, is founded in 2012
  • The largest (€8 million) deal in the company’s history: energy window renovation in Glasgow starts in 2012
  • Skaala expands to terrace glass business through business acquisition (Suomen Parveketekniikka Oy) 2013

The share of the international business has been on the rise. The current export market areas for Skaala are Sweden, the UK and Russia, where the respective operations are handled by the country offices.

Skaala has been recognised for the results of its development work, for example by the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, which gave the MERA low-energy block building concept completed in Espoo the project of the year award. Skaala delivered all of the windows to the site.

Skaala has also been successful in independent tests. TM Rakennusmaailma has twice evaluated Finnish low-energy windows on the market. In 2006, Skaala received the third highest score on the test. In the new test in 2009, Skaala’s window was in a class of its own. Skaala Alfa, an energy class A window, was the only one to receive the full five stars on the test. Skaala Alfa FrostFree was awarded the Innosuomi award in 2011.