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Regeneration for window technology

Skaala SuperSpacer

Skaala brings to market SuperSpacer –warm edge insulated glass units. Skaala Oy has invested in new and advanced manufacturing technology of insulated glass units. Skaala produces the glass units at the main factory based in Ylihärmä, Finland.

New manufacturing technology and SuperSpacer IG spacers are improving further the energy efficiency and durability of Skaala`s windows and doors. Skaala is the first and only manufacturer in Finland and Scandinavia to introduce this most progressive solution into every energy efficient window and door products.




High thermal insulation, finished look and doubling the life cycle

Glass unit spacer bar has significance implications for the energy efficiency of the window and door products. Window industry traditionally uses spacer bar made of either aluminium or steel. Metals are not the most energy efficient materials to use – metal against the sides of the glass units have been the weakest part of the glass units. “Leaking” sides also cause condensation on the face of the glazing unit at certain times of the year.

Skaala`s SuperSpacer is fully free of any metals and improving both thermal and acoustic values. SuperSpacer is keeping its form and elasticity on extensive range of temperatures (-40C to +120C). SuperSpacer expands and shrinks according to wind and temperature loads but will always recover to its original shape.

Owing to this new technology – Skaala`s insulated glass units are tighter than before and according to test results – the glass units will have two times longer life cycle comparing to traditional glass units.

Functionality, tightness and energy efficiency are important matters. However the products are also part of decoration. Due to this – the finished, neat look is highly important. Spacer bars are essential and always in a visible place in every window and door product. Skaala SuperSpacer will fulfil the demands and wishes of the most demanding builder and interior designer.

Further information:

Mr Hannu Hautanen, Marketing Director
+358 (0) 500 669402


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