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Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet
Skaala introduces a unique new concept: Skaala Alfa cLean

Skaala Alfa cLean is an indoor air solution combining balanced air ventilation, clean air, comfort of living and substantially better energy efficiency. It was introduced at the FinnBUILD trade show in Helsinki in October 2015.

Skaala Alfa cLean is air ventilation and heat recovery integrated inside a low-energy window. The solution does not lessen the size of the glazing, nor does it change the appearance of the building. It is easy to install, it works independently and does not need expensive and space consuming ventilation piping.

Clean indoor air smartly
Intelligent and smart system takes care of the ventilation and the indoor air quality independently. Problems caused by moisture and temperature changes are eliminated by controlled removal of condense and automatic defrost.

Heat recovery
The heat from outgoing air is salvaged with very high efficiency, and returns with the fresh air coming in.

Energy efficient entity
Skaala’s energy efficient window combined with heat recovery and controlled, intelligent ventilation system leads to substantial savings in heating costs.

Skaala Alfa cLean is a unique solution.

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