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Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet
Skaala brings its balcony glazing and rail production to Southern Ostrobothnia

Skaala is bringing its balcony glazing and rail production to Ylihärmä and Kurikka factories. As a result, all production will come to an end at Skaala’s Lahti factory during the spring of 2015. Balcony glazing production was already started last year in Ylihärmä factory.

Centralizing the production will create natural synergy benefits in many levels, e.g. with aluminum and glass production in Ylihärmä factory, and metal-structured window and door production in Kurikka factory. Rail production will be centralized in Kurikka.

Changes will reduce 12 person-years in Lahti production in total. On the other hand, through centralizing and production intensifying, the transfer will create job openings both in Ylihärmä and Kurikka factories. All employees in Lahti factory have been offered work at Skaala’s western Finland production units.

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