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Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet
SKAALA becomes part of the International Window Network Majority sold to IFN Group

Owners of family-held Skaala Group Oy, the second largest window and door manufacturer in Finland, sell 80 percent of Skaala´s shares to the Austrian-based IFN Group (IFN stands for International Window Network), a leading European group for complete solutions around windows, doors, facades and sun protection systems and also family-owned. The IFN Group includes companies such as Internorm, Europe's leading window brand, Schlotterer, Austrian market leader in the field of outdoor sun protection and the internationally operating facade construction company GIG. The owners of Skaala will continue to have a significant role in the management of Skaala Group Oy in the future.

The agreement was signed in Ylihärmä 24.10.2017. "With IFN Group we are getting a strategically strong partner for the successful development of our company and further market expansion," explain co-owners Markku and Hannu Hautanen.

Skaala – big investments in new plants and products in the last years
Skaala is the largest window and door brand in Finland. The family-owned company, founded in 1956 and till now run by the family´s second generation, currently employs around 400 people and generated sales of around € 96 million in 2016. Skaala manufactures and sells wooden and wood / aluminum windows and doors in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the United Kingdom.

In recent years, Skaala has made massive investments into the development of innovative products such as Skaala Alfa cLean ventilation windows. The latest glass technology investment in 2016 offers the possibility to produce various glass components and a wider product range of windows and doors.

"Today, windows must offer more than just good insulation values. Windows are highly complex systems. In order to keep our market position as a leading and innovative Finnish window brand, these recent investments have been necessary ", says Hannu Hautanen.

To be able to accelerate the implementation on the market, Skaala was looking for a strategic partner. “With IFN, we have found the ideal partner," says Markku Hautanen. "With the Internorm brand, the IFN Group has been a leader in window construction for more than 80 years and is well represented throughout Europe". Together, they will expand Skaala's market position in Scandinavia.

IFN acquires 80% of Skaala Group
"We are convinced that Skaala has a great potential and that it perfectly fits into our group with its market position and product range," says Christian Klinger, co-owner and press spokesman of the International Window Network.

With the acquisition of 80 percent of the company shares, IFN-Holding AG is now the majority shareholder of Skaala Group Oy. According to Klinger, there will currently be no significant changes to the corporate structure: "The existing management team around the owners Markku and Hannu Hautanen is doing a good job. In the near future, I will be in Finland and accompany the consolidation of the company, because Scandinavia has always fascinated me, "Klinger reveals.

The contracts have now been signed at the company headquarters in Ylihärmä. About the purchase price, the companies have agreed in silence.


IFN Holding
Under the umbrella of the International Window Network (IFN) are the brands Internorm (Europe's leading window brand), GIG (internationally operating facade construction company seated in Austria), Schlotterer (Austrian market leader in the field of outdoor sun protection), Topic (Austria), HSF (Slovakia) and Kastrup (Denmark). The product range includes windows, home entrance doors, facades and sun protection systems. The IFN Group currently employs more than 3,000 people and generated sales of 495 million euros in 2016.


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