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Pioneering Solutions

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet




Energy solutions

Skaala is a renowned pioneer regarding energy efficient door and window solutions. We have brought the market most energy efficient door and window collections, which make it possible to achieve significant savings in the energy consumption in the home.

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Save energy and environment

Taking care of safety and the environment is truly a part of our daily routine. By safety we naturally mean both the occupational safety of our employees and the user safety of our products.

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Best return on your investment

With an old window, you waste heating energy, and your money drafts outside. An old and drafting window radiates coldness during the winter and even affects your comfort of living.

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Safe and sustainable development

Skaala products and services improve energy efficiency while decreasing the carbon load. Skaala aims to improve sustainable development in all of its operations as part of the Green Field & Factory programme.

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