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New Gorbals Housing Association



New Gorbals is a former working-class neighbourhood which during the high era of coal mining industry has once been the second densely populated area in Europe. New Gorbals has been constructed to its current shape mainly during the 1960's and 1970's. The contract between Skaala and New Gorbals Housing Association is part of a complete energy renovation project, where windows are playing a key role.

Value: 8 M€

Volume: Over 20.000 window units

Window type: Skaala Continental DKA 3K

Timing: First deliveries late 2012, project ended at the end of 2014

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New Gorbals_Skaala Windows_1
New Gorbals_Skaala Windows_2 


Public sector contract



Refurbishment of existing high rise building's in line with the 2010 Decent Homes Standard. The choice of Skaala products has mainly been a consideration of the end user and also low maintenance, with good thermal qualities. The site is located in Birmingham. The products chosen were the DK105A_2K a composite tilt & turn window, with internally beaded fixed lights, also supplied inward & outward patio doors to balconies.

Client: Sandwell MBC

Contractor: Thomas Vale Construction

Sandwell MBC_Skaala Windows and Doors


Social Housing



The project consisted of 30 apartments for the social housing market. The site is situated in Madglen St, Norwich. The chosen products were timber HPN105_2K windows which meet the BS7590 secured by design standard, also supplied Skaala composite door sets that are fully compliant with the requirements of PAS23 & 24 offering high levels of protection against weather and criminal attack.

Client: Flagship Housing

Contractor: Lovell

Flagship Housing_Skaala Windows and Doors


Project Ayers House

Location: Utah, USA

Contractor: Customs Scandinavia LLC

Product: Skaala Continental Tilt & Turn windows

Description: Private house, angled and corner window solutions

Ayers House_Skaala Windows and Doors


Project Yayla Golf Resort

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Contractor: Elips Construction

Product: Skaala Continental Tilt & Turn aluminum clad windows and balcony doors

Description: Golf resort in mountain location with restaurants & hotels

Yayla Golf Resort_Skaala Windows and Doors


Project Edelweiss

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Contractor: Ahsel Construction Ltd

Product: Skaala Continental Tilt & Turn windows, balcony and patio doors

Description: Edelweiss project consist of 130 building complex, all having either 3 or 4 floors (~ 12 000 window units)

Edelweiss_Skaala Windows and Doors


Murrayshall, Scone, Pertshire

Contractor / developer: Glenalmond Properties

Timber frame supplier: Scotframe Timber Engineering Ltd

Glenalmond Properties_Skaala Windows and Doors_1

Glenalmond Properties_Skaala Windows and Doors_2



Laidneskea, Strathtay

Contractor / developer: Tighmor
Tighmor_Skaala Windows and Doors


Forest Road, Kintore, Aberdeenshire

Contractor / developer: Chapman Homes
Chapman Homes_Skaala Windows and Doors