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Safe and sustainable development

Work in a green and safe environment

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Being a pioneer brings obligations

Skaala products and services improve energy efficiency while decreasing the carbon load. Skaala aims to improve sustainable development in all of its operations as part of the Green Field & Factory programme. The programme’s practical areas are:

Sales and field activities

  • All products replaced in renovations are recycled for reuse and thermal energy - no refuse dump load
  • Overall logistics (windows and doors) - utilising shared shipments in transportation

Products and production

  • Optimal material utilisation is the primary goal of product design and manufacturing
  • Careful sorting of excess accrued during manufacturing
    • reused or recycled
    • aiming at zero refuse
  • The locations of Skaala’s own component factories and the window and door factories reduce the need for transportation

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Renewable energy

  • Skaala’s own facilities are heated with bioenergy produced during production
  • Skaala’s factories use carbon-free energy produced with hydroelectric power

For years now, Skaala has implemented an operating model conformant to its ISO 9001 certification for production, sales and support functions. Along with ISO 9001, Skaala received ISO 14001 environmental certification.

The environmental certification means that Skaala has a functioning model for maintaining and developing Skaala’s environmental strategy at the corporate level. Within the framework of the system, the environmental issues are addressed with Skaala’s Green Field & Factory programme. Practical measures include recycling all renovated windows and doors while at the factory, the main goal is zero refuse. The OHSAS certification concentrates on wellbeing at work and occupational safety issues, among others. Excellent results have been attained in areas such as occupational accidents.