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Save energy and environment

Small decisions can make a difference

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With Skaala Windows you save both energy and the environment

Environment and safety are important issues

Taking care of safety and the environment is truly a part of our daily routine. By safety we naturally mean both the occupational safety of our employees and the user safety of our products. The materials used in the manufacturing process are utilized fully and any waste is recycled almost altogether.

Our products are environmentally friendly in themselves. Due to their long-term durability and modest need of service they only tie down minimal resources, while their energy efficiency also decreases the residential energy consumption.

The climate agreements affect us all

The discussion brought on by the climate change has led to certain decisions, which will affect us all. As Europeans, we are obliged to achieve strict goals for decreasing the emissions of greenhouse gases and this will also show in the building regulations. In reality this means that the buildings will have to become increasingly energy efficient.

Windows and doors comprise up to a third of the total energy consumption of a building. In cold climates the heat strives to escape from the house and to prevent this from happening we must use different kinds of heating systems. Again, in hot climates especially the windows create a significant amount of extra heat inside the building, giving rise to the need for automatic air conditioning. What these two phenomena have in common is that they both consume energy. With Skaala’s highly energy efficient doors and windows, you are able to decrease the need for heating energy considerably. The effective sun screening of the windows also saves the energy needed for cooling.

To invest in an energy efficient home is a reasonable solution. It will save you money and increases the comfort in your home remarkably. It is also an important ecological deed.

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