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Skaala Alfa cLean

High-quality indoor air and top energy efficiency in the same product

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This pioneer solution enables high-quality indoor air for everyone, regardless of the housing type. You can now improve indoor air by conducting a window renovation. Your home will be energy efficient with clean, fresh air and easily controlled ventilation. During recent years, companies have introduced energy-efficient solutions mainly aimed for new construction. Meanwhile, the problems with energy efficiency and indoor air in the existing dwelling stock have been left unresolved, even though they are widely recognized.

Skaala Alfa cLean ventilation window finally brings a solution to this problem.
cLean refers to the clean indoor air, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
cLean refers to compatibility of concept, lightness and easiness.

  • Easy to use
  • The appearance of the building does not change – functions are fully integrated into the window
  • No need for separate space or extra work when windows are installed
  • The window light opening stays the same – no reduction in the amount of natural light
  • No need for expensive, separate and spaceconsuming piping

Read more: Maintenance and operation instructions


Clean indoor air intelligently

This intelligent system takes care of the ventilation and the indoor air quality independently. Problems caused by moisture and temperature changes are eliminated by controlled removal of the condense and automatic defrost.


Heat recovery

The heat from outgoing air is salvaged with very high efficiency. Most of the room temperature does not escape and returns with the incoming air.


Energy-efficient package

Skaala’s energy-efficient window combined with heat recovery and a controlled intelligent ventilation system leads to substantial savings in heating costs.

Skaala Alfa cLean is a unique solution.


Manage a room, an apartment or entire building

Skaala Alfa cLean is suitable for a single apartment or an entire building.

Because the system constantly optimizes the indoor air in the apartment, it does not have to be separately adjusted. The automatic ventilation adjusts the indoor air to the desired state based on humidity and carbon dioxide level.

You also have the option to control the ventilation. The settings can be adjusted with a control panel located inside each window.

Easy to implement

The Skaala Alfa cLean system:

  • Skaala’s energy-efficient windows
  • Skaala’s patented heat recovery devices, software and ventilation products
  • Design and system adaption to the existing outgoing air system
  • Installation, implementation and maintenance


Product Information:

Electrical connection 48 V, 30 W
Window based or centralized power source/central unit

Unit communication (optional):
Wired /wireles network with the central unit, ask for more details

Device enclosure:
A compact steel enclosure
Injection-molded frame, ducts and terminal equipment
Insulated supply air duct
Degree of protection IP 41

Device size:
950 mm x 140 mm x 83 mm
The device is integrated to the window frame



Centrifugal DC-current fans 48 V

Heat recovery:
Counterflow heat exchanger efficiency more than 80 %
Automatic antifreeze device for condensed water

Supply & exhaust air filters F7

Ventilation power control:
Automatic air ventilation optimization
Window-specific fan control smaller < > higher power
Modes: automatic and manual modes, maintenance-, defrost-, fault indicator

Capacity of a single unit 8 l /s.
Capacity is enough for 25-square-meter room ventilation




A single device can manage the ventilation of a 25-square-meter room. The device works in 48 V extra-low voltage. It has carbon dioxide and humidity sensors, four separate temperature sensors, a good level of filtration and easily changeable filters


Indoor air solution for apartment buildings

Skaala Alfa cLean is an innovative and energy efficient way to do a window and indoor air renovation to an apartment building. Factors affecting the indoor air quality and comfort of living are: pressure difference between floors during different seasons, the feeling of draught, smells and the difficulty of arranging air ventilation in small apartments. Usually apartments have only two exhaust valves – one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Skaala Alfa cLean enables controlled air ventilation in every room and on every floor in an apartment building.

An indoor air solution for detached and terrace houses

The factors affecting the indoor air quality and comfort of living in detached and terrace houses are similar to apartment buildings. In non-renovated 1970’s and 80’s homes with exhaust air fans, the air ventilation may not work properly and there is no proper heat recovery technology. Skaala Alfa cLean takes heat from the outgoing air, combines it with the fresh outside air and circulates it back into the room. The system enables controlled air ventilation also in residential buildings.


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