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Skaala Continental

Skaala Tilt & Turn Windows ‒ functional perfection, easy to use

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

The fixed construction guarantees functionality even for larger windows, and the single handle system frees up more space for the elegant wood surface. Tilt & Turn Windows can be combined with more complex window elements. For example you can combine T&T window with in angled or arched frames.



By using only one handle, you can choose between any of the three functions you need:

  • Tilt position
  • Turn position
  • Closed position





Aluminium-clad tilt and turn windows

This product has the best of two worlds by combining all the benefits of wood internally ‒ natural, warm colours and an aesthetically pleasing look ‒ with the advantages of a durable and maintenance-free exterior.



The aluminium-clad tilt & turn windows are available in two models:

  • 3k-Tripple-glazed sash >> U-value down to 0.9 w/mk
  • 2k+1 >> U-value down to 0.9 w/mk, db 43 rw with standard glazing

2K+1 model has a double-glazed inner wooden sash plus a single-glazed aluminium outer sash. This "double sash" provides excellent thermal and acoustic properties. It also gives the option for colour-matched blinds to be factory fitted between the two sashes, thus providing built-in and dust-free control of the light allowed to flow in from outside. This window model combines all of this, together with functional perfection.