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Skaala Familia

Interior door collection of original favorites

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

Skaala’s high-quality interior doors are custom-made in Finland. Skaala provides you with the measurement and installation service for interior doors. You can get the grooved doors painted the colour of your choice. The door is also delivered with high-quality knot-free wooden frames. Stylish double doors also available from Skaala.


Skaala SO 301 F sisustusovi

SO 301 F

Skaala SO 302 F sisustusovi

SO 302 F

Skaala SO 303 F sisustusovi

SO 303 F

Skaala SO 304 F sisustusovi

SO 304 F

Skaala SO 305 F sisustusovi

SO 305 F

Skaala SO 306 F sisustusovi

SO 306 F

Skaala SO 307 F sisustusovi

SO 307 F

Skaala SO 308 F sisustusovi

SO 308 F


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