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Skaala Familia

Timeless classics for tasteful architecture

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

The Skaala Familia exterior doors are perfect for traditional Finnish architecture, which is characterised by distinct and pure design. Elegant grooves and numerous colour options guarantee that the door you select matches the general style in your home. The extensive selection of glass panes and different types of grids ensure a customised look.


UO 301 F urakuvioitu

UO 301 F

UO 302 F urakuvioitu

UO 302 F

UO 303 F urakuvioitu

UO 303 F

UO 304 F urakuvioitu

UO 304 F

UO 305 F urakuvioitu

UO 305 F

UO 307 F urakuvioitu

UO 307 F

UO 308 F urakuvioitu CNC-kaiverrettu lasi

UO 308 F
CNC-engraved glass

UO 309 F urakuvioitu

UO 309 F

Skaala UO 310 F ulko-ovi

UO 310 F

Skaala Familia UO 312 F

UO 312 F

Skaala UO 313 F ulko-ovi

UO 313 F

Skaala Familia UO 314 F

UO 314 F

Skaala Familia UO 315 F

UO 315 F




All of the doors in the Familia collection are nearly soundproof. The doors are delivered with a quality wood frame which is free of knots and painted in the same colour as the door. Every door model is available with matching fixed or operating sidelights. The cylinder body and handles are delivered by separate order. The standard glazing is Satinbel.

NOTE: You can also order the exterior doors in the Familia collection with low-energy structure.

Skaala Familia sidelights

The exterior door can always be equipped with a fixed or opening sidelight in the style of the door. Some of the sidelight solutions in the Familia range are found below.

Skaala OKL 1 F ulko-oven levike


Skaala OKL 2 F ulko-oven levike


Skaala OKL 11 F ulko-oven levike

OKL 11 F

Skaala OKL 14 F ulko-oven levike

OKL 14 F

Skaala OKL 24 F ulko-oven levike

OKL 24 F


Skaala Familia terrace doors

The cosy terrace doors naturally combine with Skaala Familia exterior doors and windows. The bottom edge of the glass aperture of the terrace door is generally set at the same height as the window openings.

Skaala IO 57 F parvekeovi

IO 57 F
terrace door

Skaala IO 57 K F parvekeovi

IO 57 K F
terrace door

Skaala IO 58 F parvekeovi

IO 58 F
terrace door

Skaala IO 58 K F parvekeovi

IO 58 K F
terrace door