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Skaala Nordic

Finnish type of low energy solutions

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

energy efficient windows - the LOW ENERGY SOLUTION

Nordic know-how for demanding building concepts

In modern construction and rebuilding, energy efficient windows are often chosen. As a pioneer in the trade, Skaala offers the most energy efficient windows for modern building, with both operating and fixed constructions. Please note that an efficient soundproofing is also one of the standard qualities of an energy efficient window.
Nordic know-how for demanding building concepts:

  • Low energy and passive houses
  • Massive log houses
  • Renovation projects


The Inward Opening Double Sash System

The Inward Opening Double Sash System offers:

  • Top energy efficiency >> U-value down to 0,58 W/m2k
  • Excellent soundproofing >> Db-value up to Rw 51
  • Low maintenance - long life cycle
  • Timber and timber-aluminium options


Skaala Alfa 40 N energy efficient inward opening window

Skaala Alfa
2 + 2 glazing (two insulation glass units)


Skaala Beeta
2 + 1 glazing

Skaala Alfa ULEK kiinteä ikkuna_fixed window

Skaala ULEK
3K glazing (fixed window)



Energy saving construction

The windows in the Skaala Alfa collection belong to the most energy efficient class of all, class A. The Alfa windows have been designed to correspond to the strict regulations on modern low energy construction.

The Skaala Alfa windows have been tested and proved to consume the lowest amount of energy of all the windows on the market. The Alfa windows are energy efficient in practice and reduce the need for heating energy considerably, thereby reducing the heating costs significantly. With the increase in energy prices, you will save more and more over time. Moreover, the efficient soundproofing of the windows has a huge effect on the comfort in the home.