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Skaala Tradia

Romantic mansion style exterior door collection

Skaala Oy - Ikkunat ja Ovet

The Skaala Tradia exterior doors have been designed for a mansion-like architecture characterised by rich details. The impressive laths in massive wood and the many different glazing options round off the traditional style of the façade.


Skaala UO 203 T ulko-ovi

UO 203 T

 Skaala UO 205 T ulko-ovi

UO 205 T

Skaala UO 206 T ulko-ovi

UO 206




The doors in the Tradia collection insulate sound efficiently and are available with both veneered and painted surfaces. There are countless colours. The painted doors are delivered with a quality wood frame which is free of knots and painted the same colour as the door. Every door model is available with matching fixed or operating sidelights. Alfa-class exterior doors are delivered with a cover plate that protects the door surface and can be installed for the cylinder body and handle. The cylinder body and handles are delivered by separate order. The standard glazing is Satinbel.


Skaala Tradia sidelight

The exterior door can always be equipped with a fixed or opening sidelight in the style of the door. We recommend the followind sidelight solution to the Tradia collection.

Skaala OKL 1 T ulko-oven levike


 Skaala OKL 3 T ulko-oven levike